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A panel discussion on how exploring sexual pleasure leads to self discovery.

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May 29, 2021, 1:00 PM – 2:30 PM PDT



Let's Talk About Sex Baby! A panel discussion on how exploring sexual pleasure leads to self discovery. How can sex make us feel intimately seen? What do different sexual relationships look like? How do our sexual experiences empower self-acceptance? How does kink reveal our innermost child? Join our panelists as we explore these questions and discuss sex as desire, vulnerability, intimacy, play, and visibility.

Featuring our amazing panelists:

Lucy Sweetkill @mistresssweetkill @lamaisondurouge

Aimee Vue @cestmoiaimee

Hana Kim @hkim09

Gericault de la Rose @im.ubae

Slayrizz @slayrizz

& Moderated by:

Margo Hu @spicy_margs

Zoom details will be provided upon registering. Please note that we will be discussing topics that may be sensitive for some folx including sex, sex work, and BDSM. Viewer discretion is advised.

Lucy Sweetkill

Professional Dominatrix, BDSM Educator, Life Coach

Mistress Lucy Sweetkill is a Professional Dominatrix, BDSM Educator, Life Coach and Purveyor of Erotic Experiences.  With over 10 years of Professional experience, she offers a safe space for novices, experienced kinksters, and couples to explore their submission. Lucy's main goal is to help guide individuals through their BDSM and erotic journey.  

An entrepreneur at heart with a business degree to back it up, Lucy co-founded La Maison du Rouge—a company focused on a holistic approach to the BDSM experience—with Domina Dia Dynasty.  LMDR has been focused on expanding the BDSM experience by discussing, educating, and informing their audiences about the intersections of kink, wellness, sexuality, spirituality, and social activism. They aim to build community in this regard by creating a safe space for discussing these topics as well as advocating the normalization of alternative sexualities.  By challenging current social norms, they aspire to bolster a culture around consent and open communication.

Aimee Vue

Artist, Writer, Community Organizer

Unabashedly from Saint Paul, Minnesota, I have a deep passion for all things dairy, a strong aversion for unnecessary niceties, and believe that we do better when we all do better. In another life, or later in this one, I’d do standup, and my favorite pastime is laughing. A few years ago, I spent some time building a tiny house, and now spend days thinking and writing about how we can live a more embodied and intimate life. In 2020, I began my current day job (Youth Philanthropy Manager @ Youthprise), and like many others as a result of the pandemic, I rediscovered my deep passion for the outdoors and creative storytelling.

Hana Kim

Piercing & Tattoo Artist

I am an Asian queer non binary piercing and tattoo artist from Chicago. In addition to being born and raised in Chicago, I’ve always loved to travel and lived in Europe and Spain for a while. Most of my life I’ve always known I wasn’t just female or male, and I’m so thankful that the past couple years of my life I’ve been able to befriend many other queer folks who have made a positive impact on my life. I know more about myself and who I truly am thanks to my community. 

I’m a pretty open book and love to get to know other folks within the Queer and Asian community. Being Korean and Japanese, I’ve always felt like somewhat of an outcast—I never truly “fit“ into one specific group. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve learned to love my identities and I realized that being mixed doesn’t mean I’m an outsider: I’m someone who can be accepted in both groups. I am very excited to be a panelist and am looking forward to talking about all the beautiful and nitty gritty things with our community. 

Gericault De La Rose

Artist & Educator

Gericault De La Rose is a queer Filipinx, multidisciplinary artist, and educator. Through performance and video work, she uses her brown body as an amulet against the plague of forgetting within a postcolonial world that reinforces collective amnesia. Through performance, video, sculpture, and fibers work, she attempts to challenge the objective truth proposed by ethnographic anthropology, process the cultural exchange between the Philippines and its colonizers, and demystify the heritages claimed by nationalism. By exploring how her culture is consumed, digested, and regurgitated, she begins to unpack the oppressive constructs implanted within their country and people. 

As an emerging artist, De La Rose has had the opportunity to showcase their work in group shows in cities like Chicago, Los Angeles, Johnson City, New York, and Toronto. In collaboration with AFIRE Chicago, Export Quality, was awarded the Crossroads Youth Fund for Cultural Change to support their documentary series Nakikita. De La Rose attended the ACRE residency in Steuben, Wisconsin having received the Brenda Green Gender Inclusivity Scholarship in 2018. De La Rose is currently a HATCH project artist resident for the Chicago Artist Coalition. 


Music Artist, Entrepreneaur, Content Creator

“Slayrizz” also known as “ K Rizz” is an Independent music artist, entrepreneur, cosplayer, model, content creator, host and tv personality. She is the creator of the term and brand #slaysian ™ and is best known for her songs “Yes bitch” “If It Ain’t Foreign It’s Borin’” and “Big Slaysian Energy”. Hailing from Queens and Brooklyn, NYC, her bubbly personality, presence in nightlife/on stage, undeniable outfits and overall confidence has given her the title “ Slaysian mutha”. She is also known for her viral cosplays online and being creative with her self -expression.

Margo Hu

Development & Programs Coordinator, QASC

Margo is a queer, nonbinary organizer and artist. They are currently a Toll Public Interest Scholar at the University of Pennsylvania Law School, and a member of the Black & Brown Coalition of Philadelphia. As a child of immigrants, Margo believes social movements and community care are vital to creating a better world. They hope to continue to use art, creative storytelling, and grassroots advocacy to serve our communities, especially our Queer Asian Fam.

Margo joined the QASC team in January 2021, giving input on merch and leading a dumpling-making tutorial for Lunar New Year. As Development and Programs Coordinator, they help organize merchandise drops, community panels, and otherwise bringing to life whatever creative whims come QASC’s way.


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